3D laser scan service

We can create the adequate 3D documentation for your needs. Contact us! Share your task with us. Together we will identify which data is the most appropriate to fulfill your requirements. Existing photos or other documents prove to be helpful when estimating complexity and expense. Based on the extent of documentation we will propose a nonbinding and free of charge fixed-price offer. We can provide you with the documentation from our server or hand it to you on a data storage medium. The scan data always includes the Scene Light Software.

The services we provide are very diverse:

+ Delivery of the scan data

+ 2D orthophotos from any point of the building

+ 2D CAD lfootprints, views and cuts as dwg or dxf files

+ 3D building model from Revit, AutoCad Architecture

+ Visualizations and animations as fixed-images or videos

+ 360° photo panoramas offline and online