The acquisition of data with 3D laser scanning optimizes your planning processes. As of now, buildings can be measured comprehensively, precisely, economically and quickly in 3D by the dapgroup. The multifunctional evaluations of scan data, point clouds, footprints, cuts, views (orthophotos), 360° photo panoramas with measuring function and even video animations are possible.


We will show you how you can retrieve the desired result from your point cloud. We will connect the point cloud with your software and support you in the evaluation for the customised area of operations. Alternatively you can tell us the desired target system or data format, as well as the specific requirements, and we will evaluate the point cloud for you.


We try to fit each training to your requirements. Whether you would like an introduction to the utilization of 3D laser scans or have specific questions regarding your area of application – we will gladly come and explain the use of hardware and software to you.


Offers: 3D laser scanning