3D-Data evaluation

Point clouds, which are generated from the scan data, can be used immediately with current CAD and BIM Software (e.g. Revit, AutoCAD, Inventor, Factory Plant and Naviswork by Autodesk, as well as Bentley's MicroStation). The incredibly detailed and precise point clouds provide a high planning security for redevelopment. Deformations, that are often overseen when using hand measurements and that can lead to expensive adjustments, for example in precast elements, are immediately detected in the CAD system and can be taken into account during planning.


The exact building model with all relevant information for the BIM process (Building Information Modeling) is created by simply drawing over with intelligent components (walls, floors, doors, windows, etc.). Our CAD service generates a CAD model, orthophotos or a solidmodel from the point cloud, which you can process in your existing program.    

Graphisoft: ArchiCAD (Points4BIMm)

Autodesk: Revit (Kubit VirtuSurv)

Autodesk: AutoCAD (Kubit PointSense)

Dassault: SolidWorks (Geomagic)