360° Panoramic photo

Hünegg Castle, Hilterfingen
Hünegg Castle, Hilterfingen

During scanning, the entire surrounding is photographed simultaneously. These 360° views of each scanning position can either be delivered with or without measurement data. In the version with measurement data, distances and areas can be ascertained directly within the panoramic photo.


Open the demo-project folder with a double-click. Double click to choose a project.

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The advantages of online photo panoramas in building projects

Project communications can be conducted  via the Internet , independent of the location, as if all participants were present at the construction site. Foreign or international projects can be worked on economically and efficiently. Repeated remeasurements of the location become unnecessary as missing measurements can be identified directly from the photos. Companies that receive online access to the panoramic photos can make more precise calculations and offers. Construction costs become more accurate and can be lowered accordingly.

The advantages of online photo panoramas in real estate

The photo panoramas can be published on your own website or be made accessible to your potential costumers from our server.


In real estate, panoramic photos (for example one 360° photo per room) are incredibly useful information platforms for prospective buyers.


Customers receive the opportunity to study the property in detail without rush. Potential buyers will appreciate the ability to enter their future home virtually at any time and obtain important measurements. This extensive presentation will furthermore enable you to reduce unnecessary appointments with prospective buyers who already know that they will not be interested in the property after looking at the panoramic photos.


In the administration of real estate, credible bases for delivery or acquisition can be created through documentation with photo panoramas. Discussions about the condition before or after will be facilitated. This ensures predictability of legal decisions, which will often lead to lawsuits and legal expenses being avoided.