3D laser scanning

Some advantages and possibilities

The 3D  laser scanner captures 360° of the surroundings. The individual scans create a combined

three-dimensional model, allowing for complex objects and buildings to be documented comprehensively and precisely. The digital 3D scan data provides the basis for all following processing stages such as CAD plans and 3D models.


+ Precise 2D pictures, footprints, cuts, facades that can be integrated into every CAD system and that are generated from any required position.

+ Planning mistakes are avoided completely, due to the high precision of the 3D scan data compared to manual measurements.

+360° panoramic views from every scanning position.

+Views, animations and videos, for example flights through buildings, can be created on demand.

+Measurements are obtained contact-free and are possible over vast distances.

+ The data is placed at your disposal in minimal time.

+All communication about the project can be conducted location-independently via the Internet. Therefore, international projects can be worked on economically and efficiently.

+The laser scanner does not require ambient light. Data can be gathered in complete darkness.

+The data can be archived, allowing it to be a longstanding source of precise information about details that you currently might not be interested in.

ArchiCAD 3D model
ArchiCAD 3D model
ArchiCAD 3D model
ArchiCAD 3D model